Projects built with RESYSTA

Projects built with RESYSTA2021-07-12T09:52:45-08:00

The better wood and it does not get any greener!
RESYSTA ©  can also be used in countless ways like facades, benches, screen/privacy walls, etc. But the point is that with this product emerges a whole lot more of possibilities. As sophisticated as it looks, it also does not help in worsening the environment thus making it natural not just outside as it appears but also in how it is made.
Besides its tropical wood look and feel, it offers a very low maintenance but a highly durable and sustainable decking that would not leave its users or buyers unsatisfied. In comparison with other brands, it utilizes a fiber reinforced hybrid material. ( Comparison with other decking materials and results of XENON Test)
Homeowners, builders and architects – this is for you! In a maximum amount of time, the product rest assures that there will be no gray surfaces and discoloration or fading even after a long duration of use.
The flaking of stains is also not possible in this because it does not absorb water like some other brands. Still in comparison with others, it only requires lesser care and maintenance because it also has polar properties that makes its stains possible to properly adhere to its surfaces.
It also has a high screw withdrawal resistance and is coefficient in terms of its low expansion and contractions. Because cracks and splinters are avoidable with this product, injuries caused by wooden splinters can now be prevented.
RESYSTA© decks, facades and porches are made of the finest materials to provide your home, buildings or businesses a new feel – nature. With its wooden appearance, people who step on it, touch it, or look at it would surely be impressed at how the product makes them feel like they are surrounded by nature.
Actually, they are indeed.


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