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We are a specialized distributor of sustainable products for decking and siding such as Resysta, Lynx, and Vesta

We offer great distribution services but we also consult architects, contractors and home owners with any questions related to Resysta material. We also finish and fabricate based on customer’s request.

The rice husk is a widely available renewable resource that is normally disposed of via landfill.
The husk mainly consists of cellulose and does not grey, in comparison to wood, which has 30% lignin, the substance that allows greying to occur.

No, it is not possible to install Resysta Decking floating. It is essential to fix the planks, since the thermal expansion can lead to an arching of the ends of the planks.

Yes, this is also possible. Please adhere to the distance and instructions of our Installation Guide.

The manufacturer gives a limited warranty of 15 years on commercial projects and 25 years on residential.
For details and registration please visit manufacturer website

We offer stainless steel and terrace construction screws. Of course, you can also use other common screws which are available in all DIY stores; important is, that the screws are suitable for outdoor use.

We can ship unfinished or finished. Only by using Resysta stain and sealer, Resysta achieves class A fire rating. If finished by AGBP or at Resysta NA factory, then Resysta provides 2 years warranty for decking and 15 years warranty for facades.

Stains shall be removed as quickly as possible; since Resysta does not absorb any water, liquids cannot penetrate. Thus, stains can easily be removed with water and a cloth.

Yes, of course. Resysta is chlorine and salt water resistant and therefore perfectly suitable for framing a pool. Furthermore, Resysta is skid resistance.

This depends on the strain. In low traffic areas the deck only needs to be cleaned. High traffic areas can be refreshed as often as desired.

Resysta is 100% wood-free, i.e., unlike wood, it does neither swell, splinter, crack nor rot. Owing to its high mechanical strength, thermal stability as well as chemical resistance products made from Resysta are very durable. And the best thing is that you actively contribute to the protection of our environment – not a single tree needs to fall for Resysta.

Resysta is 100% recyclable and can therefore be returned to the producers. Otherwise, Resysta can be disposed of with common bulky waste. The material must not be burned.

Products made of Resysta provide for an especially beneficial eco-balance. In terms of hygiene, Resysta also offers superior characteristics, as it is not harmful to health and does not emit noxious substances into its surroundings. This has been proven by an assessment by Prof. Dr. Karl Stetter.

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