LYNX Siding for LifeLNYX siding panels are ideal to meet the architectural and aesthetic needs of infrastructure exteriors. Architects, builders, and homeowners will benefit from this versatile solution of siding panels. The designs and installation mechanisms pleasantly complement the overall building facade. With distinctive grain finishes, occupants and visitors can enjoy the pristine beauty of hardwood, like American Walnut and Alpine Ash. The aluminum and other components are low weight and material efficient. Hence, architects and builders can implement and install LNYX panels effectively.

Through innovative cladding and reinforcement, the exteriors have sufficient resistance against harsh elements. Well protected against corrosion, weather, and flammable combustion, LNYX siding panels are a durable solution for a modern and sustainable facade. With optimal reflectivity of top-graded aluminum, the siding panels reflect exterior heat and light well and thus protect building interiors. Using eco-friendly materials and mechanisms, buildings and structures of all types can benefit from the use of these siding panels.

LNYX facade panels are an innovative and timeless form of cladding for facades and soffits and also impress with their ease of care and weather resistance. Panels are available in Royal Oak, Alpine Ash, American Walnut and Silver Beech.