RSW is the leader in distribution and sales of Resysta made products in North America.

all green – building distribution provides value-added services that include Lumber Yard and Dealer Support, Jobsite Delivery as well as providing Product Samples. We also consult with Architects, Contractors, Installers, and Homeowners in the correct use of these products. Other services offered are: Color Finishing of profiles, building Mock Ups, Sanding, Special Length Cutting and Special Product Modifications, to name a few.

For our color finishing service, all green – building distribution uses a special UV sealer to finish every job. This has resulted in a higher wear and tear resistance as well as greater scratch protection. Independent test reports have confirmed this. We are also a leader in this field in North America.

Our Services


Lumber Yard and Dealer Support, Jobsite Delivery, Provide Product Samples

RWS Distribution supports Architects, Contractors and Homeowners by providing them with RESYSTA® products and materials. Along with distribution services, we also provide consulting advice with our clients to answer any questions regarding the RESYSTA materials. We can also provide help when it comes to finishing customer projects.

Since RSW is the first company to bring this innovative green product to the United States we have a lot of knowledge about Resysta material. To get in touch with the team of Resysta Product Specialists, please fill out the contact information form.


Design Help for Architects, Training for Contractors, Jobsite Visits

RSW provides creative assistance and consulting services for professionals in architecture and construction.

We help incorporate aesthetics and functionality into the space, maximizing the area and materials for optimum results.
We also give training sessions for contractors to ensure they are qualified and prepared to work with RESYSTA materials on each project. With our job site visits, our highly-trained professionals check for safety and health standards and help manage the project from design through construction.

With RESYSTA materials and knowledgeable consulting experts, each design can reach maximum potential, guaranteed to satisfy homeowners for generations to come.


Building Mock Ups, Sanding, Special Length Cutting, Special Product Modifications

all green – building distribution RESYSTA® Product Specialist has a full range of services to carry a project from start to finish using quality materials and exceptional, personal services.

With professional lumber yard and dealer support, distribution could not be easier as RSW provides guaranteed job site delivery as well as product samples to ensure customer satisfaction.
Consultation services are also available for design help as well as training for architects and contractors. Specially customized projects are welcomed as well, as the team’s fabrication and finishing crew are capable of bringing your dream design to life with impeccable attention to detail.

Utilizing a special blend of materials, we ensure the products we sell will not crack, splinter, rot, attract insects or swell due to extreme weather conditions. It is slip resistant and has a Class A fire rating to boot.

Suitable for decking, housing facades, boating an individual coloring (RESYSTA Color Concept) , RSW can apply their state of the art material fabrication to almost anything.


Stain and Seal, Special Packaging, Pre-Finished accessories

The RSW finished products are for those that want to have a great looking deck or facade.

They have six standard colors for their specialized materials and another twenty-five additional colors on top. The finishing product colors can be a single color or you can apply different colors to different panels to create great looking decor. Their finishes show almost no fading or staining after ten years of service life.

The high quality stain will not chip nor flake off and is UV resistant. RSW also offers pre-finished accessories or special packaging service for all needs of any project.

The new exotic PRESTIGE finish

more natural - more noble

RSW, Resysta product specialist, is introducing the new PRESTIGE Finish Series.

With a proprietary finishing process we managed to develop a wood look on Resysta material which imitates the look and feel of a few of the rarest and most exotic hardwoods

PRESTIGE - the new look for Resysta

To enjoy the beauty of these special woods, no tree in the rain forest will be cut nor harmed.

Instead this special and patented composite material Resysta is made of rice husk, mineral oil and rock salt and is produced locally in the USA. Furthermore the Resysta material requires ultra minimum maintenance and has a limited warranty of 25 years for residential (15 years commercial). Your beautiful deck or facade made of Resysta will not swell, crack, splinter or grey like woods can unfortunately do in a short period of time.


TIGERWOOD is known by a variety of names – brezilian koa, congawood, african walnut, to name a few. It is considered very dense and heavy, naturally resistant to rot and decay and will not attract mold and fungus growth, which makes it extremely popular not only for exterior use, but also for furniture work, veneers, flooring and other wood projects where the dramatic look gives certain flair to the finished product. Tigerwood has wide range of cloloring and striping. the striping can vary from fine lines to blod strokes and the color can change from a light orange to tan to a deep reddish, which makes tigerwood so desirable, and its growing popularity has led to export restrictions in africa from some regions to lomit over-cutting and excessive logging.

Macassar Wood

MACASSAR WOOD is a very noble and extremely seldom hardwood. The appearance is dramatic striped, yellow to reddish brown body with darker brown or black stripes and sharply demarcated sapwood is pale gold color. The tree grows very slowly, has a very limited natural habitat, and is highly desired for the wood’s aesthetic appeal and toughness. This makes this exclusive hardwood the one of the most expensive timber in the world. Usually it is only used for Veneer, highend cabinetry, billiard cues, musical instruments, and small specialty items. It is named for the Indonesian port-city of MaCassar, which is one of the primary points of exportation.


ZEBRANO also known as Zebrawood is a rare wood imported from Africa (Gabon, Cameroon and Congo). The hardwood is pale golden yellow, distinct from the very pale color of the of the sapwood and features narrow streaks of dark brown to black. Zebrawood can also ne a pale brown with regular or irregular marks of dark brown in varying widths. It is a heavy hardwood with a somewhat corse texture with an interlocked or wavy grain. it is also a decorative exotic wood, used in limited way for veneer, wall paneling, custom furniture, trim and specialty items. it is also sometimes seen as stocks of shotguns and rifles or an exotic guitars. In the past it was used in the cadillac and mercedes-benz automobiles. Because of its hardness it can also be used for skis and tool handles.

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