aMbooo USA Premium Bamboo Decking and Siding

If you're looking for an excellent wood substitute, with an unequalled sustainability record, to use as a building material then you really need to consider using bamboo.

Our product provides you all the benefits you get from traditional building materials such as wood but gives you piece of mind that your building material of choice is not harming the environment. Due to the co²-neutral nature of bamboo it is possibly the greenest building material you will ever use, tree free and fast growing it makes the perfect building material for an increasingly environmentally conscious world, where sustainability is of the utmost importance to the planet.

Using bamboo on your building project can also be a fun conversation starter, as let’s face it bamboo is a much more interesting choice of building material than traditional wood or other wood substitutes!

It is a versatile building material that you can use for decking in your garden, wall cladding or even on the facade of your house.

Available in 4 different colors and a choice of partly ribbed or smooth this is your number 1 choice when looking for sustainability and style.

You may not be aware of the fact that there are over 1000 different varieties of bamboo available, but by purchasing from us you can be sure that you will be getting the highest quality wood substitute out there as we only choose bamboo that grows at higher altitudes giving you the best quality product with the most longevity.

The products we create are very durable, hard wearing and long lasting as our previous customers have discovered. You can be sure of the robustness of the product since each stalk of bamboo used by us is at least 5 years old and is only harvested in the highlands.

We have had much success with different uses of the product both for commercial and private use. These projects have helped to enforce what we already know; that bamboo is an excellent building material to use especially when sustainability is considered.

The product performs superbly in all weather conditions, using the product in various climates it’s held up well in all situations and continues to win praise from the customer

The Natural Characteristics of aMbooo Bamboo Outdoor Products



Bamboo decking and other outdoor products are made from long strand bamboo. In rare cases caused by mechanical impact or weathering, small areas i.e ribbed or profiled surfaces – small parts of fibre strands could break and loosen , just as with wood. By using the aMbooo special brush with cleaner and water or a small metal tool, small loose strand fibre pieces can be removed and sanded smooth.

Checks & Cracks

Checks & Cracks

Due to dry top surfaces, damp back sides and moisture changes due to weather conditions- change of temperature tensions will occur. One side wants to expand and the other side wants to shrink. This naturalprocessleadstotension, thismayleadtochecksand cracks. Checks and cracks do not have a negative impact on the structural stability. The cracks and checks can change with the climate

Strand peels

Strand peels

In rare cases the material may show small strand peels on the surface. It occurs if the yellow part of the bamboo fibre is exposed to the weathering side. It has no negative impact to the mechanical and technical properties of the board. It can be removed easily with a metal tool such as a small knife or screw driver. You can then sand this area smooth again.

Natural Greying

Checks & Cracks

UV Light changes all natural surfaces including bamboo. In order to offset this change use aMbooo maintenance oil 1x year to stabilize the original color. Easily applied with the aMbooo Applicator. The oil extends the lifespan of the boards.

Technical drawings with measurements

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aMbooo Decking

Decking Board

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Infinity Decking - Facia Coard

Facia Board

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aMbooo Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding Board

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